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One would totally agree with the statement that it was leadership,negotiations and compromises among various leaders that ensured that South Africa become a democratic state.For example,Nelson Mandela and De Klerk worked together including ot her organisations to bring democratic South Africa on 1994.
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In1981,FW De Klerk replaced PW Botha as a state president of South Africa and immediately made drastic changes by unbanning political parties and release political prisoners.De Klerk made an announcement for the release of Nelson Mandela on 11 February 1990.This was a huge step taken by De Klerk and it gave people hope that the apartheid was coming to a nend.
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The National Party(NP) and African National Congress(ANC) delegation met at two locations to discuss the way on how they will work together towards the democratic South Africa.The first meeting was held in 2 May1990 at the official resident house of Groote Schuur and it was called the Groot Schuur Meeting.In this meeting both ANC and NP agreed on ending violence which were occurring in the country and to work together towards the process of negotiations or talks to bring a democratic South Africa.The second meeting were held at Pretoria on 6 August 1990 which led to an agreement called the Pretoria Minutes.Here the ANC government agreed that they will suspend the armed struggle and the NP government agreed to end the state of emergency.Other major law were removed.The Group Areas Act and Registration Population were also removed.This convinced countries that imposed sanctions to S.A and boycotts to stop them.Thus,the leadership and negotiations and compromises among various leaders ensured that South Africa become a democratic country in1994.

Although,the violence did not stop in the country between Inkandla Freedom Party(IFP)and ANC.The IFP supporters attacked ANC on commuter trains and led into almost 573 deaths. It was emerged that the NP government handed weapon to IFP supporters to eliminate ANC supporters.This created a huge distrust between ANC and IFP including NP.Another violence occurred in Sebokeng in hostels when the IFP attacked ANC strong hold and almost 30 people died.Moreover,another violence occurred in ZonkizizweTownship in Germistonin Gauteng between supporters of the IFP and the ANC.The ongoing violence between the ANC and IFP members led into a Seven Day Warat Pietermarisburg (PMB).Therefore,the violence and uncertainly that confronted South Africa in the early1980s almost delayed the process of negotiations.

Moreover,the formal negotiations occurred on 20December 1990 at Convention for Democratic South Africa(CODESA1)at Trade Work Centreat Kempton Park.Nineteen political organisations including UNO and common wealth.Even though talks sometimes broke down but the Declaration of Intent was signed.It was agreed that South Africa should be an undivided country.Free from apartheid, discrimination and all other forms of prejudices.This also led into accountability of a meeting by four groups that were preparing for the future meeting which was CODESA2 which were to be held in May2.The PAC and PC boycotted against the CODESA.The IFP and the Independent Bophuthatshwana did not sign it because the irrequest for an extra delegation for the Zulu King was refused.Therefore, compromises among various leaders ensured that South Africa become a democratic state in1994.

Furthermore,DeKlerk called for a white only referendum on1991. Here DeKlerk wanted to see if the white people were still with him from the negotiations he had started making from 1990 to change South Africa.The majority voted positive and it was clear that he should continue.This gave people hope that apartheid was coming to an end.Thus,the compromises also ensured that South Africa become a democratic country in1994.

CODESA2 occurred on May1991.It was agreed that the SABC should presents the neutral view of the negotiations on televisions.The NP and ANC did not agreed on major power sharing like power sharing,majority rule and regional powers.The NP still wanted a major place from the government and the ANC did not admit on that.The ANC and NP did not come into consensus solution on how they will end the violence in South Africa. As a results,ANC and COSATU walked out of the negotiations and called for a mass rally to force government to compromise.Therefore,it was leadership,negotiations and compromises among various leaders that ensured that South Africa become a democratic state.

Even though the official negotiations had ended but the unofficial negotiations continue between Cyril Ramaphosa and Roef Meyer. The Record of Understanding was signed between Cyril Ramaphosa of ANC and Roef Meyer of the NP.This committed and encouraged South Africa to work together again towards the negotiations.Moreover,Joe Slovo came up with Sunset Clause on April 1993.The Sunset Clause allowed the National Party government until 2000.It also protected the security jobs for whites people for more than 10years.Therefore, the commitment and compromises among various leaders ensured that South Africa become a democratic country in 1994.

Moreover, the violence did not end between IFP and ANC.The ANC attacked the squatter camps of the ANC near the township of Boipatong in the Gauteng and almost 49people died.It was said that a white man was the one who handed over the Force Defence Agency to cause violence and chaos.The ANC called for a march to the Cickel to protests against homeland leaders.Here almost 79 people died and 200 people got injured when they were trying to break through the police barriers.The assassination of Chris Hani almost stopped the negotiations process of the elections.Chris Hani was a General Secretary of the Communist Party(CP) and he was assassinated on1993 by members of the Military Wink.There was a violence and chaos in a country after his assassination. DeKlerk realised he could not deal with this anymore and called for Nelson Mandela to address the issue. Mandela addressed that on national television that there must calm down and stop fighting each other.Thus,thev iolence and uncertainty that confronted South Africa in the early 1980s almost delayed the process of negotiations.

Moreover, the Multi talks began on 1993April1. It was said that the date of the election was going to be 27thApril1994 on this meeting which was held at World Trade Centre. Furthermore, the AWB and Volk front stormed the World Trade Centre attempt to disturb the negotiations.They vandalised the entrance and threatened delegation.The AWB was killed by the South African Defence Force.The APPLA opened on fire on St James Church and killed 11 people.The IFP marched to Shell House and was killed by ANC security.This led to a Shell House Massacre.Then DeKlerk, Mandela and Buthelezihada meeting led to IFP joining the negotiations.Then finally the election held free and fairly. ANC won the elections and Nelson Mandela became the first president of South African Democratic Country.The election were held on 27 April 1994. DeKlerk and Thabo Mbheki became deputy president. Therefore, the compromises, negotiations and leadership ensured that South Africa become a democratic country in 1994.

To conclude, it was leadership,negotiations and compromises among various leaders that ensured that South Africa become a democratic state in 1994. For example Nelson Mandela and De Klerk compromised so much working with other organisations to bring democracy in South Africa.
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