Task 2 Exemplar Tourism Skills Assessment Task


Read the information below.

After drawing up the itinerary for the four friends' holiday, you decide to market the 10-day tour as a standard itinerary on social media for other travellers too.

Investigate the various social media platforms, compare the various platforms and make an informed choice.


Read the information in your resource pack about social media platforms. (P 14-16)

Watch the following video about various social media platforms. 

Video - https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=236495024130152

A transcript (what is said is typed out in words)  can be read in Annexure D of the resource pack if you do not have access to the video.

Another possibility is to read the transcript (text) and then watch the video, and thereafter simultaneously follow on the transcript(text) what is said on the video.

2.1 After reading the information on the six social media platforms or viewing the video, choose THREE of the social media platforms to analyse and compare.

It is suggested that you turn your page horizontally (landscape view) to create space for the three columns.Analyse the chosen THREE social media platforms in a comparative table, writing in full sentences. Analyse the THREE social media platforms individually according to the aspects indicated in the THREE column headings, namely Column A: Usage and target audience; Column B: Explaining how an itinerary or tour can be placed on this platform; Column C: Identifying problems that may be encountered with opting for this platform.

Column A is more source-based building up to Column C which is more critical thinking combined with the provided information.

See the table on the next page that must be redrawn in your answer page.

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