1. Packaging That Captures Attention
  2. Packaging That Connects the Brand Message to the Consumer
  3. Package Messaging That Is Clear and Concise


Customer service policy

  • the statement to the customer - what level of service can they expect?
  • standards that can be expected
  • loyalty schemes
  • formal complaints procedure - organisational and customer.

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Basic Conditions of Employment Act (No 75 of 1997)
The Act regulates the following employment conditions:

  • Work time and rules
  • Remuneration and deductions
  • Termination of employment
  • Administrative obligations
  • Prohibition of the employment of children
  • Variation of basic conditions of employment
  • Monitoring, enforcement and legal proceedings

Professional image in the tourism industry
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Uniform Allowance
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  • Employers may provide employees with tax-free allowances to purchase uniforms if the apparel qualifies under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) as a uniform and employees substantiate their expenses under the accountable plan rules of the IRC.

Grooming refers to the things that people do to keep themselves clean and make their face, hair, and skin look nice.
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Employment Contract
BY ALISON DOYLE | Updated January 06, 2020
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What is an employment contract, and how does having an employment agreement impact your status as an employee?
An employment contract is a signed agreement between an individual employee and an employer or a labor union. It establishes both the rights and responsibilities of the two parties: the worker and the company.
Review information on what to expect when you're asked to sign a contract, other types of agreements that cover employees in the workplace, and the pros and cons of contracts.

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Normal working hours
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  • Weekly hours = maximum 45 hours/week.
  • Daily hours =
    • Working 5 days/week or less = 9 hours/day.
    • Working more than 5 day/week = 8 hours/day. I
    • f an employee's duties include serving the public, an extension of 15 minutes per day is allowed to a maximum of 60minutes/week.
  • Maximum working hours per day = 12 hours.
  • Goal of the Act is ultimately to reach a 40hour working week.

Flight Attendant
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  • High Salary 
  • Travel, Medical, Dental, Pension Benefits 
  • Discounts on Accommodations, Tour Packages, Duty Free, etc.

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BCEA (Leave I)

  • Leave provisions do not apply to employees who work for less than 24 hours per month.
  • Different types of leave: 
    • Annual leave 
    • Sick leave 
    • Maternity leave 
    • Family responsibility

BCEA (Leave II) 
Annual leave

  • Characteristics: 
    • Leave with full pay
    • 12 month leave cycle 
    • 21 consecutive days' leave per year after 12 months' service with same employer
    • At least one day leave for every 17 days of completed work 
    • Leave extended by 1 day for every public holiday which falls within leave period.
  • Remuneration l.r.o. leave must be paid to employee on last day of work before leave period commences or on usual pay day. Annual leave must be granted within first 6 months of completion of leave cycle.
  • Annual leave must be taken and may not be traded for 'money'.
  • May not run concurrently with a period of notice or any other period of leave.
  • Can be reduced with days fully paid casual leave granted by employer at request of employee.
  • Employee not allowed to work for employer during leave - only at termination of service.
  • Remuneration for leave should be at least equal to normal remuneration for the same time worked.


BCEA (Leave III)
Sick leave

  • Characteristics: 
    • Leave with full pay 
    • 36 month leave cycle 
    • Number of days normally worked during period of 6 weeks after initial 6 months of employment 
    • One day's pald sick leave for every 26 days worked during first 6 months of employment 
    • Slek leke payments my be reduced by agreement
  • Payment for sick leave must take place on usual pay day.
  • Can agree on reduced remuneration but number of days must increase and remuneration not less than 75% of what he/she would have earned (e.g. entitled to 30 days - R100 per day, increased to 40 days – R75 per day).
  • Medical certificate required after 2 dorms of absence after 2 occasions of absence within 8-week period. If no proof is submitted, employer not obliged to pay employee.
  • May not run concurrently with annual leave or perfod of notice.
  • If resident on employer's premises and not able to obtain medical certificate easyemployer not allowed to withhold remuneration provided reasonable Issistance rendered to employee to obtain medical certicate.

BCEA (Leave III)
Family responsibility leave

  • Characteristics:
    • 3 days' paid leave per annual leave cycle 
    • When child is born, gets ill or dies or when a spouse, life partner, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling dies 
    • Only employees who work for 4 days or more per week are entitled to this leave and who are employed > 4 months .
  • Employer may require proof of event before payment.
  • Unused days do not accrue.
  • Number of days and circumstances may be varied by collective agreement.


  • Ethics
    • A code of moral standards of conduct for what is "good" and "right" as opposed to what is "bad" or "wrong".
  • Ethical Behavior
    • That which is “right” or “good” in the context of governing moral code. – Ethical behavior is value driven


Study the pictures of employees at a travel agency below and answer the questions that follow.
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7.1 Explain the importance of a code of conduct at a travel agency.
7.2 Discuss TWO ways in which the unprofessional behaviour of the staff members in the pictures above can impact negatively on the work ethics of
the other staff members at the travel agency with regard to:
7.2.1 Harassment
7.2.2 Laziness
7.3 Explain TWO ways in which the employer can deal effectively with the above cases of unprofessional behaviour to ensure productivity at the travel agency.[14]
7.2 Study the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow.
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Study the information below and answer the questions that follow.
7.1 Good communication is a key consideration for businesses when it comes to maintaining a professional image.
The manager of the A1 Hotel received an e-mail in which a hotel guest complained about the poor work ethic of some of the staff members at the hotel and the lack of good service delivery.
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7.2.1 Refer to the advertisement above, name TWO values expected from the person applying for this position. (2)
7.2.2 Name TWO communication skills that are required for this position. (2) [14]
7.1.1 Name the document employees have to sign when accepting a position in the hospitality industry.
7.1.2 Explain why the owner of this hotel can take disciplinary action against the manager after seeing the e-mail above.
7.1.3 Explain ONE reason why the hotel's slogan ' We put you first' will be included in the hotel's customer feedback policy.
7.1.4 The manager of the A1 Hotel has poor business writing skills.

  1. Identify TWO examples of poor written communication in the manager's e-mail that should NOT be used in business communication.
  2. Correct TWO examples of poor written communication identified in QUESTION 7.1.4(a).

7.1 Refer to the extract from the website of South African National Parks below and answer the questions that follow.
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Choose an item from the extract that matches a description below. Write only the question number (7.1.1-7.1.4) and the letter (A-D) in the ANSWER BOOK, for example 7.1.5 E.
7.1.1 The logo of South African National Parks (1)
7.1.2 ONE aim of South African National Parks (1)
7.1.3 Information on South African National Parks (1)
7.1.4 Availability of accommodation at South African National Parks (1)
7.2 Study the photograph below and answer the questions that follow.
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7.2.1 State TWO aspects of Nkosi Xaba's dress code that show the professional image of South African National Parks (SANParks). (2)
7.2.2 Refer to Nkosi's words in the speech bubble.
Discuss ONE way in which routine patrols show that SANParks has an environmental policy in place.

Study the brand images of companies below and answer the questions that follow.
The professional image of a company is more than just a recognisable and trustworthy brand. It is portrayed (shown) in many ways other than the physical appearance of the buildings and the staff."
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7.1 Identify TWO tourism companies above where the staff must have excellent telephone skills and e-mail writing skills when making transport bookings.(2)
7.2 Give ONE reason for your choice in QUESTION 7.1 (2)
7.3 List FOUR elements that must appear on the letterhead of Sunset Air that will project a professional image. (4)
7.4 Give ONE example of how the companies in QUESTION 7.1 may improve their e-mail writing skills to promote their professional image. (2) [10]

Study the picture below and answer the questions that follow.
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7.1 Identify the tourism industry sector shown in the picture.(2)
7.2 Explain the importance of personal appearance in the sector identified in QUESTION 7.1. (2)
7.3 The employee in the picture above does not comply with the code of conduct of the Palms Hotel. Identify THREE examples of unprofessional appearance/conduct by the employee in the picture. (6)
7.4 Suggest THREE intervention strategies to management that will improve this employee's conduct. (6) [16]

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